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General Media Credential Guidelines


All applications are due by August 9th

Druid City Music Festival reserves the right to approve or reject a request for credentials, at the sole discretion of Media Management.

  • If a photographer's actual name is not known at this time, please submit generic information.

  • Please send a brief outline of your event coverage for consideration

  • Please complete the form below. ALL FIELDS ARE REQUIRED.

If you should have any questions, please contact: 
Media Credential Request 
Barrett Elder, Druid City Music Festival

I. Overview 
The following media credential guidelines were established to provide an overview of the procedures followed by Druid City Music Festival in processing media credential requests and a clear understanding of the guidelines for media access at event sites. 

II. Eligibility 
Druid City Music Festival will issue media credentials to members of the working press. By definition, a member of the working press shall be a paid employee or representative of a known and established media organization (newspaper, magazine, television, radio, website, etc.). Journalists who receive credentials must be on assignment for a specific media organization at each event. All journalists who wish to attend Druid City Music Festival must submit a media credential application pursuant to this policy and the guidelines stated above.. Freelance journalists must be on assignment at the specific event or must submit a media credential application indicating the scope and purpose of the requested coverage. Organizations may request more than one media credential for coverage. Each name must be submitted separately for each credential. 

III. Application Deadlines 
It is recommended that you submit your credential request a minimum of least two (2) weeks out from the start of the event. Credentials can be added after that deadline but it is preferred by Druid City Music Festival that they are submitted in a timely manner.

IV. Credential Acceptance 
Once you have been approved by Druid City Music Festival, you will receive an email with the acceptance information for your media credentials.

V. Credential Usage 
Credentials must be used by the person it was issued to. Credentials may not be given or loaned to another person for any reason. Credentialed journalists will receive free admission to the event and access to media work areas at the event venue, as well as any other areas where media accreditation is provided access. A media credential does not guarantee access to the artist area, VIP areas, etc. 

Misuse of a media credential will result in the immediate loss of the credential, removal from the media areas and the possible loss of credential privileges for future events for the journalist and his/her organization. 

VI. Interview Policy 
Druid City Music Festival will be glad to provide opportunities for the media to interview requested individuals. Any interview requests from the media should be directed to Barrett Elder, Druid City Music Festival at or via telephone at 205-391-9200 (office) or 256-541-0125 (cell). 

Requests for taped footage, radio interviews and/or scheduling of live shots for television, may be requested by contacting Barrett Elder, Druid City Music Festival, at